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my horus deck

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please rate and help me on my horus deck need help.am new to yugioh so help will be greatly appreciated.thank you



3 Exploder dragons

3 horus the black flame dragon lv6

3 horus the black flame dragon lv8

3 magna drago

3 masked dragons

2 prime material dragon

3 Red-eyes darknesss metal dragon

3 red-eyes wyvern

1 sangan



1 card of safe return

3 cold wave

2 folish burial

1 giant trunade

1 heavy storm

1 lightning vortex

1 monster reborn

1 mystical space typhon



1 mirror force

3 royal decree

1 torrential tribute


-exta deck(5)

3 red archfiend dragon

3 stardust dragon


it has won a few duels.but i feel its missing a few things.please help! thank you

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i'll give u this, for a 1 star member you actually posted the deck correctly format wise, and i see no magic cylinders, i see hope for you yet


the deck needs work, but i'm not the best guy to ask about dragons unless you want to run hopeless, look around the forum for other topics and see if u get some insperation

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ops am so sorry i didn't notice that. sorry am trying to do a paper for class and didn't notice my mistake.but should i include jinzo?


Decree > Jinzo. Add plasma and scape. And add future fusion.

1. Dump 2x Wyrven 2x REDRUM 1x Horus

2. End phase SS 2x Redrum

3. Next turn SS Horus

4. ???

5. Profit


Neg some monsters. They are kind of random and too much.


Edit: FGD in the extra deck to use Future Fusion :D

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