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IMG Credit to Google Images http://www.crystalinks.com/firecrown.jpg






Effect: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only by Special Summoned by the effect of "Awaken the Dying Flame". When this card is Special Summoned, put 1 "Spectre's Ember" token on this card for every Monster Card in your Graveyard. During your Standby Phase, you can Tribute 1 "Spectre's Ember" token to inflict 500 damage to your opponent.



IMG Credit to escaping_inmate







Effect: Summoned when you control a "Mal' Fiam the Inferno Spectre" in face-up Attack Position. This card cannot declare an attack. As long as this card remains faceup- on the field any "Mal' Fiam the Inferno Spectre" you control cannot be affected by your opponent's Spell or Trap Cards.



IMG Credit to Google Images


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i thought the effect was too simple.....o well ^_^

"Essence of Mal' Fiam" Added!!!

Inferno Spectre's pic is epic


Effect is a little simple though




i didnt really pay much attention to the pic, it was just the first one i saw that looked like a monster. ^_^

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