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Annoying Trap Cards! (Contest is over, take a look to see who won what!)


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Pretty self explanatory, no fee to get in either. All you have to do is make a trap card that irratates the hell out of an opponent without being an overpowering buzz kill (Pro tip: Make it have realistic effects).

Winner of this contest will recieve 1 rep and 10 points! Other cards deserving of runner up will recieve just 5 points (at my discretion, fufufufufufu.)

Good luck!

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Well, it's time to get underway with the judging, so without further ado, let the victors be known!


For most original concept, and professional design, I award 5 points to THEWORM 55! The Clumsy Thief is not only annoying, it's a burner with life giving abilities and an excellent choice of card art to go with your title and card description. Well done!


But wait! We're not done!

For most cruel and vicious trap design, I award 5 points to AKOOLGIE800!!! Your Dark Explosion leaves a mark on both your opponents pride, and my heart, with its burner capabilities and it's merciless construction, you earn your reward and honor in this contest!


And now for our third prize!

For most WTF trap card-I award 5 points to YUGIOHPRO!!! The Mirror Reverse is the most savvy piece of work here, it's usage of double effect and possible back fire truly make it annoying for somebody! While your choice of digital art makes it eye catching and poetically breath taking!


Now, the winner of 1 rep, 10 points and the title of Annoying Trap Jester goes to...GODSLAAAAAAYER!!!!! For his Universal Cataclysm and it's ability to turn a sure victory into a draw! What an annoying piece of trap! Especially if your opponent is narrowly about to win against you in a tournament and you play this card to screw him over and play a not so lucky game against him! HA! Good work bucko, you've earned your place amongst the gods here at the Annoying Trap contest! Till next time!!


As for the rest of you, you will recieve 1 point as a honor award for creating such annoying cards-and here are my opinions on them:


Anime-Manga Lover: your card, Close Escape, is annoying, that is fact, but it's abilities are more inconvinient then that of the others, however, your choice of words and picture work well together along with your ability choice-so here is 1 point for your agile polar bear mastery.


Gustavosaurez: A card like yours would surely be the bane of any Dino deck's existance, however, it is because you limited it to dinos that it became less powerful then the others posted here, however, your card is nonetheless an annoyance and a well crafted one at that, so we honor you with 1 point for your supremacy of the thunder lizards and ferocity.


Konata Izumi: your love for manga could not stop you in your ability to piss off anyone with a Mirror Force trap card, however, like Gustavo, you limited your annoyance factor to people with just that card, which makes it hard to be a nusance, even so, you stuck this contest like a pro, and for that we honor you 1 point in your devoution to attempt the unknown potential of the self. Congrats.


angelkid12345: You were like Konata and Gustavo, limited to just a small amount of cards, that said, you are right, cards that get rid of your best toys are down right ass, and so you deserve to own this 1 point for your determination to eliminate UFOs from planatary orbit! The guys in dark suites salute you.


Well that seems like everybody, if you didn't get your prize, please contact me and I'll be more then happy to fix that. Until next time! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAck-Oh god-hack-*thud*!!

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