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Forsaken Exitences: Marvel Vs. DC Vs. YCM Vs. Reality

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Welcome all, this is your host, whom hath obtained so many names over the centuries, I can only be known by the name of "I Am". I present to you the stories of the finest in Comics and Forum history, who's worlds have crashed together by moi, to see the contest of the greatest wills. I am the human boy, who subconsciously committed these acts over a millennia ago, and obtained unnatural powers in our new dimension, this is a recalling of those events...



Realities clash together. Things burn with the intensity of a supernova, and things are destroyed in the time of light speed. Several septillions of lives are lost, as other realities are destroyed to fuel the energy needed to fuel this combination. To make sure everything comes together on the new reality known as Zettarcen. This Reality includes the universe of four major survivors of the fuse, DC, Marvel, YCM, and what knows itself as Earth. These Realities all have great potential, and will come to clashing terms, as one, with corrupt individuals shall attempt to destroy the others...




Zexaeon, one of the three leaders of YCM's Planet known as Org XIII. They were lead conquerors in their mission to destroy the YCMaker and rule over all sentient beings. Zexaeon looks forwards, out of the castle window. He is intrigued by the random change of setting, as he sees nothing but sand appear when before the castle was in a much more peculiar place... He questions these changes. but refrains from asking questions of his friends. He does not want to diminish his Intelligent Demeanor. He thought it probably was just another self-defense system activated by the appearance of an enemy.


"How long are you going to look out that window?" Clair said to her colleague.


Zexaeon was at a loss for words. Suddenly Clair made her move, moving right next to him in less time then it took for him to blink. She glared at him, feeling slightly worried.


"Whenever there's that kind of look on your face, it can't be good..."


Clair looked out the window, seeing the endless desert. She looked to her colleague, also questioning why such a thing would happen. Roxas got up from his throne, to look outside another window, only to find endless sands. He felt an odd disturbance a few minutes ago. They all turned in unison when hearing footsteps come up the stairs.


"Relax, it's just me and Nexev. We should be worried though. I just sensed the deaths of over septillions. Not even our universe holds that many lives..." Mineku said.


"And what would be the cause of such?" Asked Clair


"Great and unnatural power. Beyond the extent of Reality. Whatever it is, it must not have existed, until only moments ago. I have also sensed new lives, but they are also old." Said Nexev


"What does that mean?" Asked Roxas


"It means that our reality or universe, isn't the only one in this new place. I can't tell where we are exactly..." Replied Mineku


Roxas gathered his thoughts together and said, "Gather the scouts EZ and Riku. They are going to map out this area. Ramanga can keep a guard watch and you two--"


"Yes?" Asked Mineku


"You two will be the ones to stop any enemy threats..."




The flash sped through this landscape that appeared. He only barely made the transformation while he was running. Oddly enough, his power to stop time no longer worked. He looked around, to see buildings for miles. His speed wasn't his regular, and he felt like a more minuscule hero then ever. He scouted the lands, no signs of life. Everything was gone, or more like everyone. Only those who witnessed the crashing of different realities, the melting of excess lands. Just the buildings and him now. He'd have to get the others to search the building. He ran back towards the beaming station.




"What is this Professor?"


Wolverine threw himself into the chair, trying to relax. All he could think of were the number of mutants who just died, the destruction of the X-Mansion, and the detection of new scents. People who were unrecognizable even by his nose. He saw even a worried look across Xavier's face. Something wasn't right about this odd change in landscape.


Professor looked to Wolverine, Storm and Rogue, all whom came to him immediately after the destruction of the house, "Find any survivors you can. We need to rally up and have an idea of what, or whom we are dealing with..."


[What is left of Earth]


"Hello? Hello? Anybody out there?"


I called out to absolutely nothing. I was one of the few survivors of this change in the world. I felt great pain and great power, the sensation of having control. It was all while I was sleeping. I had a dream I'd never had before. I can barely even remember it at this time. I was too afraid to walk out my door, as I was in an apartment building, which was destroyed on the entire left side. I could only look out the window, and see a few other recognizable faces. Then a large gust of wind blew me back, unto my feet. I got up and looked out the window to find nothing. Just the same old Manhattan for miles... This wasn't good...





"I sense living things. I do need energy..."


Riku could sense life forces around him. They were strong, with wills to match also. This would have to be espionage, or result in his own death. He edged around the area quietly trying not to be noticed. His skin blended in with the wall. He went unnoticed as a group of men and women dressed in peculiar-looking tights were getting off several satellite probes.


A man in black, and another in red and blue spoke.


"Hey listen here, I've seen plenty in my time with my people on earth, I know this is not earth..."


The blue and red tights man with the s on his chest collapsed in weakness. He had no energy. There was no regular sun.


"Flash? Did we still store superboy-prime's suit of red sun?" batman asked of his ally, to help superman in his situation.


"Right away--" he went and came back. "Back"


Wonder woman fitted the suit and the tubes onto superman. He got up after a few minutes to let the sun flow through.


"If it's not earth, where are we?" asked wonder woman.


Riku made a move to get away, but someone heard him. As he ran, he was pursuited by none other than the batman himself. He chased Riku around some buildings nearby, and it felt like home again, except he knew this wasn't earth. Riku rolled over into a tight alley and hopped his way up to the top of a building.


Batman stands before him, waiting for him more like. Batman pulls out the bat bolas and strikes them at riku, attempting to capture his foe. Both of riku's hands came off and sliced clean through the wire. The hands returned in place to his arms. He then dived at batman, slicing his cape only, and got up for another dive.


He needed to be quick and bring no attention. He picked up a vent pipe off the top of the building and threw it at batman. When batman tries to counter with a savate kick, riku immediately grabs him. In fact, bear hugging him. He then throws him, feeling wierd.


"No powers? How can you have great will with no powers?" riku cried out in amazement.


Batman only stared on. The akward silence interrupted by an exchange of blows. Batman being the greatest martial artist alive vs. Riku's ability to copy, launch his hands, abnormal speed and agility, and the ability to blend in. However, the fight was quite fair. Riku usually turns battles around with the copying of hid opponent's abilities.


A paw yun counter and a paw knuckle strike later, the battle changed from roof to roof. The exchange of blows were silent, lucky for riku. Riku went to a full on offense. Knowing he was only regular, batman knew this battle would only end bad for him the longer it went.


With wits and quick thinking, his plan was set up between blows. He threw batarangs on the floor between kicks and punches. Riku was becoming frustrated, not able to get a claw on his opponent. But he knew better. His opponent would tire out.


Riku got a claw, a giant swipe across batman's chest. He made moves, so that batman could not recover, he led a full thunder kick to his chest. Both feet planted and knocking the wind out of him. Batman couldn't spit out a word. Batman fell off the building with great velocity just falling.


As his limp body layed in a trash heap, he thought about the part of his life when he almost died last. The hush thing. Then everything went black.


"I have to admit you have will my friend, but I am espionage for a reason. Now to get reinfor---"


A loud thump heard. Superman knocked out this foe while unnoticed. Not usually his style. He knew Bruce would smile if he saw this. He carried both friend and foe to the new base.


[New Earth]


I walked and walked. In my subconscious mind I was just walking, but I felt like I was floating. I could feel all kinds of energy. Energy that creates, energy that destroys. I could see a destroyed mansion ahead. It did however spark my interest. As I walked toward it, I felt quite the old energies. Troubled energies. Something that has existed longer than any human. I only floated towards it, trying to find asylum in this confusing world...


[back at the castle]


Mineku approaches his superior Clariex and her colleagues. He wanted to say something, but was aware that she would have a violent reaction. If he didn't say anything, she would call him an indecisive pansy and still have a violent reaction.


As she sat on a couch, somehow looking down upon him even though he was standing, he walked in front and said, "Madame Clariex" and showed his respects.


Clariex simply let him know she was impatient by wavering her hand in a dramatic gesture.


"Riku has not returned. EZ returned with information that he was taken by some unknown enemies. Very odd looking ones too, wearing tights in neon color..."


"Why hasn't he done his job and protect our ally and retrieve him?"


"According to reports, one of the enemies had no powers at all, and became an almost even match."


"Jeez, can't these suboordinates do anything right!" Clariex mentioned to her colleagues. They simply laughed. Roxas was still a bit worried by this information. Zexaeon simply brushed it off, easily caused by his ego. He did however take this into account, he could use this info on his new enemies.


"My lady, I can help. We can hire a new squad of survivors of these changes that came by the castle. Creed, Silver, and the one simply known as X. We have taken them earlier into our castle and can manipulate them." Nexev entered the conversation with those words. At that time, Mineku poured some glasses of rootbeer and served to everybody.


"I think this new world can be conquered. We now can use the survivors of this event to our cause." said Zexaeon after taking a sip of his drink.


"I could have thought of that. Well, its a good plan anyways. Well then," Clariex raised a glass, "Cheers to manipulative bastards!"


Everybody cheered and laughed and drank, to future victories...



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Could I be a character in the YCM universe? Pwease?


I support this since Kuja and I are somewhat friends. He's a good writer and it would make sense if he was a longtime college/friend of this fic's Nexev as well.


Interesting concept but I think the quality of the writing shrank a little from your other fics.

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