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Diablo: Lord of Destruction [DLD2] set.


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After getting hooked on Diablo II again, I decided to start working on a set. Yippee.












[spoiler=[b]Sorceress Lore[/b]]When this card is successfully normal summoned or special summoned, you may activate one of the following effects:

-Deal 500 points of direct damage to your opponent's life points.

-Draw 2 cards.

-Select one Spell Card from your graveyard and add it to your hand.


[spoiler=[b]Necromancer Lore[/b]]During your Main Phase, you may remove one card from your graveyard in order to Special Summon one "Skeleton Token" (Zombie-type/EARTH/Level 4/ATK 1500/DEF 500) in Attack Position on your side of the field.


[spoiler=[b]Druid - Werewolf Form Lore[/b]]This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be special summoned by offering one "Druid" from your side of the field as a tribute. Whenever this card successfully destroys an opponent's monster as a result of battle, increase your Life Points by 500.


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