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.:Abarai Renji:.

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It has come to my conclusion that no one here on YCM really likes me.


I only exist on this Forum to amuse others with my stupidity and ignorance, and no one really laughs WITH me. Only AT me...


No one cares about my lifestyle, and when I say I don't know a thing, they bombard me with facts that I don't have the strenght or will to read, because I will just forget it in a snap of my fingers.


I am an Idiot, and no one disagrees...




......Why can't people love me for who I am...I might as well leave......


Though I'm not saying that I AM leaving, I'm just saying that I might as well leave...because no one wants me here, anyways...

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No, don't say that.Y'know things like that just bring you down more and might bring other people down to.Prove to this site that you shouldn't be laughed at and they will respect you for who you are.Now, get out there and do that.If you don't I'll send Ninjas out for YOU.

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Who are you' date=' and how did you get 10,000 posts without my ever seeing you? Did you get a name change or something? Also, attention whoring doesn't help your popularity much tbh.



He probably RP a lot >.>


Also no one hates, except this thread might be the reason why.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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