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Experts at graphics,step forward!! REWARD 100 points!!(LOCK!!!)

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I need an award certificate and a trophy for my role play when it ends,so

can someone do it??


REWARD----80 points and free entry and (optional) free V.I.P entry to my role play!!

donate for more money!!


Ok,First render this,

[spoiler=Render it]Dragon.jpg




Next,recolour it to Gold,Silver and Bronze And Blue.


gold is 1st place(gets 100 points)

silver is 2nd(gets 80 points)

bronze is 3rd (gets 40 points)

and blue is the rest(1 point)


Then make an award certificate for each of those dragons,and make it say,

(for 1st,2nd and 3rd only)

You have completed the Dragon Quest:Rise Of The Dragons Role Play,you have won:

??? points (depends which place their in)

Dragon Quest:Rise Of The Dragons Booster


coupon to the lots o stuff shop


(for the blue dragons)

Thank you for joining Dragon Quest:Rise Of The Dragons,all the blue dragons did their best,but sorry you didn't win,at least you won some prizes,

1 point

coupon to the lots o stuff shop

Dragon Quest:Rise Of The Dragons Booster



Next i need a trophy


[spoiler=Put the dragon symbol on the trophies it also needs rendering]












If you don't wanna do it then that's ok ;) it is REALLY long!!



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