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My GeassKonata Pack


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If there is a "Konata Vi Britannia" on the field, boost this card's original ATK by 600 and DEF by 300


Once per end phase, give this card one Eos counter. The opponent cannot trigger monster effects while this card is on the field. This card can halve it's attack for one turn to attack twice in one turn.


Konata's Spells N' Stuff: (All assuming that you have Konata Vi Britannia on the field...)



Every time Konata Vi Britannia attacks, roll dice. if 4 and up, add that number x100 to her ATK for the battle step. If 3 or 2, subtract that number x100 from her ATK for the battle step. If 1, the attack is negated.


This card uses one Eos counter.

Raise the ATK of the monster that paid the Eos counter price by 300



This card costs 2 Eos counters.

Raise lifepoints by 500, then flip a coin. If heads, raise life points by another 500. If tails, Konata Vi Britannia gains 100 DEF, is put into defense position, and is unable to attack for one turn


Equip to Konata Vi Britannia only.

Every turn Konata Vi Britannia gains an additional Eos counter


This card costs 3 Eos counters.

You've read up on your traps and spells haven't you? Negate the activation of a spell or trap card and destroy it.


This card costs 3 Eos counters.

Roll dice. If 1, all LuckyStar type monsters gain 100 ATK and DEF. If 2, all LuckyStar type monsters gain 200 ATK and DEF. If 3, Draw 2 cards. If 4, lower your opponent's life points by 500. If 5, you gain 500 life points. If 6, all spell cards are destroyed, and all traps are removed from play


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