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DN cards (HELP!) *Rem added*


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I think you're thinking of "Rem' date='" right? But on the subject of Misa, the pic you have of her is horribly stretched. It's like her head is twice as tall as it is wide. Ryuk should have a background image. Also, "Yagimi" =/= "Yagami"

[/quote']1.i wanted a face shot

2.Ryuk was hard to find the type of picture i kinda wanted

3.i figured that out i just left it alone

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put in gelus, the shinigmai who saved Misa, have his effect is to discard him to prevent Misa from being destoried, Light should be, that each turn by Discarding a card you can destroy one monster on the field. Watari, while he is on the field L can not be destroyed. Near, this monster may be special summoend from the hand if L is Destroyed (Mello's is the same starting effect) Nears effect is that each turn you can look at one card in your opponents hand, Mellos is to look at any face down card one per turn. Hope these ideas help you.

as a Deathnote fan it is up to us to help each other out.

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