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I actually made a CB deck with Rainbow Dragon! I feel so proud of myself!


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Monsters: 19

x3 RD

x3 Pegasus

x2 Tiger

x3 Cat

x2 Charbuncle

x1 Mammoth

x1 Eagle

x1 Tortise

x2 Rescue Cat

x1 Morphing Jar


Spells: 19

x2 Ruins

x2 Foolish

x3 Blessing

x2 Promise

x3 Beacon

x3 Rare Value

x1 Card Destruction

x3 Abundance


Traps: 2

x1 Torrental

x1 Dustshoot


Total: 40


that's what came to me in my vission, may not be the best RD deck, but it's what i got, so give me what ya think

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damn it! i keep forgetting foolish is semi-limited XD


negged for another beacon, i wanna get out as many CB's ASAP to bring out rainbow, so beacons effect will get me Pegasus and another CB, i would use Hamon but both in 1 deck seems a bit risky, i either due one or the other

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