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Zombie Outbreak


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Level 1

Level 1

You are trapped in a mansion while there is a zombie outbreak. You have to survive along with your friends, the only way to survive is to use teamwork. The mansion has 5 floors and a basement and you start on the first floor. The stairs have been broken by earth tremours but every 3 pages a new floor will be opened up. Can you survive until page 18?



27/06/09-ATTENTION MODS: This is not an RP this is a RP-Like game.

27/06/09-Added list of Zombies.

28/06/09-Added some new rules.

10/07/09-Got 10 living people playing.

10/07/09-Reached the 1st Floor



08/07/09(lol)-Winchester Rifle located.

13/07/09-A Licker(Resi FTW) has appeared on the 1st Floor. The licker takes 50 hits to kill making it the hardest enemy at this point in the game. Licker HP: 47



-You can only use stuff you find in the mansion.

-You CAN die.

-I will decide who dies and who doesn't.

-Stay only on the available floors or it's an instant death.

-When you die you cannot come back to life until Page 18.

-The zombies get stronger as the pages go on.

-Your weapons can break.

-There are no secret passages unless I specify.

-If someone does not post for 3 pages(unless they specify their reason) they WILL be killed.

-Your posts have to be detailed but not too detailed

Good: I stab the Common Zombie in the kidneys causing blood to pur down from the wounds. Bad: I pick up a coffee table and smack the zombie around the head with it.

-Could you please now put what weapon(s) you have at the end of your post now that we have so many people taking part.


Death List




Dark Heart

Lil Jevans

Dark Omega Cody



List of people playing:


-Dark Heart ~XDEADX~

-Ovechkin Rocks

-.Alex Ryder.

-Lil Jevans ~XDEADX~

-eliteduelists ~XDEADX~


-Dark Omega Cody ~XDEADX~

-arbyman17 ~XDEADX~


-blueyes19 ~XDEADX~





List of kinds of zombies

Ground Floor

-Common Zombie-Hits to kill: 5

-Hellhound MKI-Hits to kill:2

1st Floor

-Common Zombie-Hits to kill: 5

-Hellhound MKI-Hits to kill:2

-Bat-Hits to kill:1

2nd floor

-Muscle Zombie-Hits to kill:10

-Hellhound MKII-Hits to kill:4

-Vampire Bat-Hits to kill:2

3rd floor

-Muscle Zombie-Hits to kill:10

-Hellhound MKII-Hits to kill:4

-Vampire Bat-Hits to kill:2

-Chainsaw Juggler-Hits to kill:6

4th Floor

-Steroids Zombie-Hits to kill:20

-Muscle Zombie-Hits to kill:10

-Hellhound MKIII-Hits to kill:8

-Hellhound MKII-Hits to kill:4

-Zombie Bat-Hits to kill:4

-Executioner-Hits to kill:30

-Chainsaw Juggler-Hits to kill:6


-Hellhound MKIIII-Hits to kill:16

-Stinger Bat-Hits to kill:8

-Zombie Bat-Hits to kill:4

-Vampire Bat-Hits to kill:2

-Bat-Hits to kill:1


-Infection(Boss)-Hits to kill:100

-Infected-Hits to kill:50

-Rot-weiler-Hits to kill:32

-Chainsaw Executioner-Hits to kill:60



Weapons used so far:

Chair/Table leg-1 point of damage

Meat Cleaver-2 points of damage

Rusty Crowbar-2 points of damage

Firewood Axe-3 points of damage

Thompson-1 point of damage per bullet. Melee attack does 2 damage

Winchester Rifle-5 points of damage per bullet. Melee attack doe 3 damage

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Read the 1st post please. And read it all the way through.


I step out of the kitchen and a Common Zombie jumps on me. I lop it's arm off and get bitten in the arm. I the chop it's head off causing blood to spurt all over the ceiling. I go back into kitchen to fetch the Med Kit. I use the med kit to bandage my arm.

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You two can joinj and Ovechkin make your posts longer and don't just put 'zombie' there are different kinds of zombies in this game and if you're in a fight with one make it better.


@Ovechkin: (Remember that I decide whether people die or not) The Common Zombie spins around and jumps on you.


I spot three people, one on the floor with a Common Zombie trying to eat his face off and two others cowering in the corner. I walk over to the Common Zombie, pick it up by the scruff of the neck and lop his arms off. Blood spurts in both directions as the Common Zombie crumples to the floor, lifeless.

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well then i take a chair and hit that Common Zombie that jumped on me and then i punch him in the face

then i walk over to a common zombie and choke him for a few seconds ad then i throw him against a wall where he hits a dresser

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All people who applied are in and Ovechkin I already killed the Zombie that was attacking you so your posts are now null and void.


@Eliteduelists and Twisted: You both get surrounded by the zombie horde and die a painful death.


I open the cupboard under the stairs and a Common Zombie springs from the depths of the cupboard, knocking my Cleaver flying out of reach. I try to prevent the Common Zombie from attacking me.

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I walked round the corner of a room theftly.I gripped my cleaver tightly as if the world depended on it.As I peered round the corner I heard the sound of screams forming into an ashendo, the blood curdling screams came from upstarirs.

"Shame, I could cut them in half," I said as I turned the corner.Suddenly, there were 3 zombies picking at the remains of a squirrel that came through a hole.

"I guess not that way, then," I murmered as I went to walk the other way.My memory seemed vauge and vivid when I tried to think what happened earlier.Darkness srouded my mind, I seemed to remember seeing Twisted but then it just went blank.As I turned another corner I saw JunkSyncron being attacked by a normie.I acted quickly, I jumped on it and slashed it's back several times before sticking my cleaver through it's chest.


OoC:Good Enough?[/align]

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Perfect. Just remember we can't go upstairs until page 3. ;)

Also put what weapons you're using at the bottom of your post ;) ;)


I lift the Common Zombie's corpse off me and thank DD and pick up my cleaver. Then a Hellhound MKI jumps up from behind DD I throw my cleaver and DD ducks and the cleaver splits the Hellhound's head in two. It collapses to the floor. "Once good turn deserves another" I said before heading over to the fireplace. I pick the Firewsood Axe that was lying in the fire. "You can take the meat cleaver if you want to" I say to DD.


Left Hand+Right Hand= Firewood Axe

Inventory(On back, on belt, e.t.c.)= None

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