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Transformers G1 card contest


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This is a simple contest. Make a Transformers G1 card. Whichever has best pic, OCG, etc. wins the wonderful prizes posted below. But...there is a catch. Look through the rules for more.


Da winnerz:

SpartanGio-1st (His card was the most balanced and had the best OCG)

Dark Hero Flashman-2nd






and I





NO Flaming!

NO Spamming!

And all the other basic rules..


Only 15 contestants allowed. First come, first serve.


There are two rounds. The winners from the first round move on the the second. I will announce the specifics of the cards you need to make for each round once we have all of our contestants.

[spoiler=Rules for Submitted cards in General-IMPORTANT!]

1. NO cards outside Transformers G1. This means no

G2 cards

Armada cards

Energon Cards

Cybertron (the TV series) cards


ONLY G1!!!


2. You may NOT make cards of characters in the live action movie. At least not movie versions. Example:

You may not make Ironhide as he appears in the movie...

But you CAN make him as he appeared in the G1 cartoon.


3. ABSOLUTELY NO OPTIMUS PRIME OR MEGATRON CARDS OF ANY KIND. They are too overused. I want to see cards of OTHER Transformers. There are still about 100 to choose from.


Other than that, super obscure characters are okay too.







[spoiler=End Date]

All cards must be submitted by 12:00 noon July 8th. Cards will be judged by 3:30 July 9th, and results will be posted, and winners PMed.






1. SpartanGio-points not submitted, card submitted

2. Fremen07-points not submitted, card submitted

3. Dark Hero Flashman-points and card submitted
















[spoiler=Grading System]

OCG- 25/100

Pic- 10/100

Creativity/Original- 25/100

Name Goes with Card- 5/100

Balanced- 20/100

Valid Type, not DIVINE- 15/100




[spoiler=Entry Fee]

15 points





1st) 3 Reps 20 points

2nd) 2 Reps 15 points

3rd) 1 Rep 10 points





Round 1 task-

Round 2 task-






1. Note well thought out, detailed effect.

2. Note the clear, non-blurry picture.

3. Note the obscurity of the character.

4. Note that the character is from G1, if you research it.

5. Note the character is NOT Optimus Prime or Megatron.



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My card:



[spoiler=Card Lore]When this card is Normal Summoned or Set, place it on your opponent's side of the field. While this card is under control by your opponent, this card cannot attack or switch Battle Position. When the monster with highest ATK your opponent controls attacks, negate the attack and destroy the attacking monster. Then place this card on your side of the field.


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