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2 new cards


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Hi there its me again ;).I worked hard on these 2 card's(i think) so I think they are usefull(hope so:D).Plzz comment and rate.Hope you like 'em

So here they are:


Ritual of hate allows to summon Elian-the fire spirit on the field.To do so,you must sacrifise 2 of you're monster's on the field.


Can be summon by Ritual of hate.For every pyro monster on the field Elian-the fire spirit gains 200 DEF points.By sacrifising another pyro monster on the field you can attack opponents life points directly,but the damage is conducted from the sacrifised monster's ATK points.

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Great pics and creative names,but ocg isnt the best but hey this site is to have fun and make cards, rp and have contests right :p :D

by the way I gave you a rep(reputation)people give it out for certain reasons or for fun :D

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