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UFC Fighter Cards!


Have you seen UFC before?  

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I made the cards because I like UFC and felt compelled to make some cards on it. This is for fan purposes only, no effects, just their MMA stats and a small description on them. So don't complain unless its something to do with an error in their stats or something else pertaining to their careers I got wrong. (post requests for other fighters here or by PM.) Please post your thoughts folks, just to let me know whether to add more fighters on my own or not.





(My Forrest Griffin card is unavailable due to a technical error. It copies the image link and when I preview the post it shows the last card I posted, so when I posted the Rampage card and then tried posting the Griffin card, the Rampage card reappeared. If you have any knowledge to the solution of this problem please post it here or PM me.)

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[align=center]They're ok... but don't make vanillas please... people think they're boring... please make effect cards... other than this, pretty good :D



[align=center]P.S. You're supposed to wait 24 hours after posting to bump your thread...

Sorry for my english... I'm not sure about this one ^[/align]

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well most effect cards I see on here have to do with returning monsters to decks, reducing attack/ defense points of something, or dealing direct damage to opponents life points. If all cards had something like that then the game would be over rather quickly.


At least IMO

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