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The Dark Duelists Chapter 1 (Not Started) (Need 3 Divine Monsters!)


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Wazzup peoples? I'm new here, but I think you'll find me most exciting! If not, then no hard feelings. No, really! It's OK. (I will rip your head of and start beating you with a rabbit!) So anyway, here is my first RP Fan Fic, and thread. Hope many of you will join! Thanks! So here it goes:


[spoiler=Plot] In the year 4000, Duel Monsters have changed. Well, there is only 2 differences. Number 1, you can have your favorite monster walk beside you on your adventures. Number 2, every monster has a special ability, that can be used in, or out of a duel, depending on the ability. Everything seemed peaceful, until the Dark Duelists showed up. They dueled everyone, and took everybody's cards. Only they hold the Dark Lockets, which they where around their necks. It gives them the power to darkify their monsters, and turn them into evil monsters. Their only objective is to find the 3 Divine monsters. The Divine monsters, are monsters that can alter reality, time travel, and even destroy the world. With the Divine monsters in the Dark Duelist's clutches, who knows what can happen? Only you can stop them! Are you ready to DUEL!?!?!?!?!?





Appearance: (picture or description)


Signature Monster Card: (Real or Made-Up) (This is the card that walks with you during your adventure)

Side: (Dark Duelist, Light Duelist, or Earth Duelist (Neutral) (If Earth Duelist, you must have a reason for being involved in the Dark Duelists Crisis)

Earth Duelist Reason: (Earth Duelists only)

Signature Monsters Card's Special Ability: (Must relate to Monster)



[spoiler=My Application]

Name: Kangen Citygale

Age: 18

Appearance: Avatar, Signature Banner, and Signature Card

Bio: Kangen is a very social boy. He likes hanging out with his friends, music and sports. He is also social with girls, but is not looking for a relationship. His grades are not really good, but that's OK with him. Kangen is really close with his Signature Monster, and will always stand by his side. Kangen is kind-hearted, and will stop the Dark Duelists at any cost!

Signature Monster Card:


Side: Light Duelist

Signature Monster Card's Special Ability: Fly




1) All YCM rules apply





If you create a good enough Divine Monster Card, you can be them in the RP! I also need 7 Dark Duelists, 7-10 Light Duelists, and an unlimited amount of Earth Duelists.

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