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My Negative Gems! The first to leave anything useful gets 1 FREE* rep.


How long did you spend reading through my Cards?  

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  1. 1. How long did you spend reading through my Cards?

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I've spent considerable time writing up this, so please do me a favor and rate, comment, or criticize. But to the viewers, enjoy. Also I'll give +1 rep to the first poster to leave anything useful.

[spoiler=The Cards]178650h.jpg178650e.jpg178650.jpg178650.jpg178650o.jpg178650s.jpg178650z.jpg178650q.jpg178650u.jpg178650g.jpg


[spoiler=The Effects][spoiler=Negative Energy Barrel Dragon]This card's name is treated as "Barrel Dragon" while face-up on the field. During your Standby Phase you can send the top card from your deck to the Graveyard and add 1 Energy counter to this card. (Max. 3). If this card would be destroyed by a Spell or Trap card, remove 1 Energy counter to keep this card on the field (You can only use this effect once per turn).

[spoiler=Negative Energy Blue-Eyes]This card's name is treated as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" while face-up on the field. At the beginning of each player's Standby Phase add 1 Energy counter to this card. (Max. 10). During your Draw Phase you can remove Energy counters to Special Summon 1 monster from either Graveyard whose level is equal to or less than the removed Energy counters.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Curse of Dragon]This card's name is treated as "Curse of Dragon" while face-up on the field. During either player's End Phase, add 1 Energy counter to this card. (Max. 5). If you currently have 2 or more Energy counters, you can roll a six-sided die once. If you roll your current number, or less, of Energy counters you can distribute up to 10 Energy counters to any "Negative Energy" monsters on the field.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Grand Kaiser]1 LIGHT Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuners

Only 1 "Negative Energy Grand Kaiser" can be face-up on your field at a time. This card's name is treated as "Kaiser Sea-Horse". This card cannot battle. For each card you add to your hand, add 1 Energy counter to this card. (Max. 40) If this card has 25 Energy counters, you can remove all Energy counters from this card, then for each Energy counter removed remove 1 card from the top of your opponent's deck from play. No card can be activated that would chain to this effect.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Grand Ultimate Dragon]1 or more Tuner monsters + "Blue-Eyes White Dragon

This card cannot be Summoned, except by Synchro Summon. This card's name is treated as "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". Add 2 Energy counters for each card Normal Summoned. (Max. 10). By removing 2 Energy counters, this monster can attack again. If this monster is removed from the field, you can Special Summon up to 3 cards with "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in it's name to your field.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Jinzo]This card's name is treated as "Jinzo" while face-up on the field. When either player activates a Trap Card, add 1 Energy counter to this card. (Max. 4). During either player's Standby Phase, you can remove 1 Energy counter to prevent the activation of face-down Trap Cards, and the effect of all face-up Trap Cards are negated this turn.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Magician]This card's name treated as "Dark Magician" while face-up on the field. When this card destroys a face-up monster on the field add 1 Energy counter to this card. (Max 10). By removing 5 Energy counters, increase the ATK of 1 monster on the field by 1000 until your next Standby Phase.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Ryu-Kishin Powered]This card's name is treated as "Ryu-Kishin Powered" while face-up on the field. During your Main Phase you can add 1 Energy counter to this card (You cannot Normal Summon or Set this turn). (Max. 1). By removing 1 Energy counter you can Special Summon 1 Level 8 monster from your hand, then remove this card from play.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Slime Generator]During each of your Standby Phases, Special Summon 1 "Negative Slime Token" (Aqua-Type/Tuner/LIGHT/LEVEL 1/ATK 200/DEF 100) in Defense Position to your side of the field. Add 3 Energy counter to this monster. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you cannot Normal Summon, Flip Summon, or Special Summon any other monster (except "Negative Energy" monsters and "Negative Slime Token").

[spoiler=Shared Power]Can only be equipped to a monster with "Negative Energy" in it's name. The monster this card is equipped to can use Energy counters from any other monster on your field.



[spoiler=Strategy and Tactics][spoiler=Negative Energy Barrel Dragon]This card is useful in the fact that it can survive "Field Wipe" cards that YOU use.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Blue-Eyes]This card is great in the fact that it counts as a Blue-Eyes White Dragon while on the field, increasing your number of Blue-Eyes to 6 instead of 3. It can also summon more Blue-Eyes or other powerful high-level monsters.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Curse of Dragon]OM*G it has a 87% chance at 10! more Energy counters for any Negative Energy monsters

[spoiler=Negative Energy Grand Kaiser]If you use cards that allow you to put cards in your hand then this is a welcomed addition. Oh, IT CAN REMOVE UP TO 40!!! CARDS from your opponent's deck.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Grand Ultimate Dragon]It can attack a total of 6! times and when destroyed/removed gives you 3 CARDS with Blue-Eyes White Dragon in its name to your field. Can anyone say Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon? OM*G!!!

[spoiler=Negative Energy Jinzo]Sorry for the pic...Anyway this is pretty much a controllable version of Jinzo that doesn't destroy Trap Cards.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Magician]Think...it allows you to use it's effect twice. 1000+1000=2000 BONUS Attack Power. It also can be used for ANYTHING that the Dark Magician is used for, short of DM Girl.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Ryu-Kishin Powered]Hel...LO! Trading a Level 4 for a Level 8 is always a good idea.

[spoiler=Negative Energy Slime Generator]Again bad pic...sorry. This card is like Jam Breeding Machine on steroids, and they have 3 Energy counters on them, goes great with Shared Power.

[spoiler=Shared Power]Hmmm...It really speaks for itself, by allowing you access to OTHER monsters Energy counters. Give this to NEG Ultimate Dragon and use NE Slime Generator and use the Tokens to do MASSIVE Damage to your foe. No escape mhahahaha......



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Hmm, pics aren't really that good.(Some are from real cards with alternate pics)


But their effects seems to tell why, though the use of energy counters is quite cool. =]


Since almost all effects have good OCG.


I suggest rereading some of the cards.




Hope This was useful.

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Yeah, Like Tyler said.


Read some real cards to get a grip of OCG and this will help with your cards become more realistic.


Finding new and interesting images that aren't on other cards - this will also help boost your realisticness.


Your effects are very good and unique, but following the above will help you overall.

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