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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen-IRONHIDE added-[6/???]


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Card Lore:

This card can only be Summoned if you control 1 or more "Decepticon" monsters of Level 7 or higher. Once, during your turn, when this card is in face-up Defense Position, select 1 Machine-Type monster that is not an "Autobot" or "Decepticon" monster your opponent controls with 2000 or less ATK and switch it to face-up Defense Position. The selected monster cannot change positions until this card is destroyed. Once per turn, you can decrease the selected monster's ATK and DEF by 400 to increase this card's DEF by 400. When the selected monster's DEF becomes 0, it is destroyed. When a monster you control is attacked by a monster your opponent controls, you can Tribute the selected monster to negate the attack and destroy the attacking monster. When the selected monster is destroyed, you can apply this effect to 1 Machine type monster that is not an "Autobot" or "Decepticon" monster with 2000 or lower ATK on the field.


Pic found on deviantart by searching "movie soundwave". It's a really cool thing. Too bad I had to crop it :(



Pic found on deviantart



Card Lore:

This card can only be Summoned if you control 1 or more "Autobot" monsters. Once per turn, during your Battle Phase, you can pay 1000 Life Points. If you do, this card can attack twice during the same Battle Phase. This card cannot be destroyed by a "Speedster" monster.


Pic found on Deviantart



Card Lore:

When this card is Normal Summoned or Set, increase the DEF of each "Autobot" monster you control, excluding this card, by 600. Increase this card's ATK by 500 if you control a "Sam Witwicky" monster. This card cannot be destroyed by battle if you control an "Optimus Prime" monster.


Pic found on deviantart




Pic found on deviantart



Card Lore:

When this card is Summoned successfully, you can pay 800 Life Points. If you do, attacks by this card cannot be negated. When this card is equipped with an Equip Spell Card, increase it's ATK and DEF by 300. When this card is destroyed, return every Equip Spell Card equipped to your Deck. The Deck is then shuffled.


Pic form deviantart (again)


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Here's my critique, for whatever it's worth:


Name: 5.0/5

- Great name, not really an important part of the review, but I prefer to use hyphens opposed to commas. Ha-ha. Good choice, but were you trying to say "Decepticon of Intelligence", or "Decepticon Intelligence"?


Picture: 4.9/5

- Two words: kick - ass. It's extremely detailed, and has a very sleek look, but still remains sinister-looking, clearly representing a Decepticon. But, because you had to resize it, in certain fine, thin areas where lines are, the pixels don't exactly match, and are a bit out of place. Adding the holo was a great touch, man. Kudos.


Specifics: 4.9/5

- Obvious choice of Machine fits perfectly, and the DARK attribute is spot-on. I do have a problem with him being 2 sacrifices, which I'll address in the "Effect" section.


Stats: 4.4/5

- This section ties in with the effect. It is a bit underpowered in ATK, maybe a couple more hundred added, but again, if the effect is left unchanged, then it's balanced. I personally think he should be a bit more of a "heavy hitter", with an effect [with a price], than an average monster with an "uber" effect.


Effect: 4.0/5

- The effect itself is very powerful, representing this Decepticon well, but I must put major emphasis on "very powerful". But it is also able to be overlooked--but this depends: If this card is pitted against a Machine-type Deck--well that's game; if this cards goes against any other Deck, you can overlook the great effect, and it's fine. I just think it's way overpowered, against a Machine-type Deck of course, but otherwise it is fine. I think some parts can be tweaked, to have a price for that effect, and like I said in "Specifics", 2 sacrifices + that effect = overpowering monster. May its effect could be altered, making it similar to "If you tribute 3 monsters to Summon this card to the field, you may activate the following effect:", or possibly make it like: "This card cannot be Normal Summoned, or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by tributing 3 Machine-type monsters on your side of the field"--again, just some suggestions.


Overall: 4.7/5 - 4.6/5

- Great card man, This is the first in-depth review I've given, and I'm glad you showcased a card worth it. Keep it up, but keep in mind the power than card actually contains. Hope this wasn't a killer to read. Oh, and the second number above, is the legit algebraic number, gotten from the average from the rest of the sections ratings; the first one is my personal rating. And as it shows, I own Algebra, I think its better than what the numbers produced, but not by too much.

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Cools then I guess' date=' Constructions will have a Similar effect to Crystal Beasts considering there is 7 of them all together..? @[email protected] But ofcourse It'll be worth it summoning Devastator right =p?

That aside It'd be nice to see Arcee and Jolt! :P



It's also a matter of good pics too. I made Skids and Mudflap in their combined form as an ice cream truck, but there are no good pics of the truck available.

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