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The Death Hydra Chain


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Also, there is no "legal" ATK/DEF called Max or Infinite. mainly because you can't have Infinite Atk or Def you need an actual number. and there isn't any "max" amount of power.


Monsters are "defeated" they are Destroyed so you might want to change that, and you can't have Divine Type monsters and the sword is OP x2 (5000 Atk bonus and can attack 7 times)

--What is "Tribune of the Master Wraith" and it's effect?

Theere has to be a way to destroy it, so you have to change this part: "This card is not destroyed as a result of battle, spell, or traps effects."


--"When this card is successfully summoned, you can pick 5 cards from your deck, and shuffle your deck, or you make do direct damage to your oppenet this turn." needs to be changed to:

"When this card is summoned successfully, you can choose to do one of the following:

*You can pick 5 cards from your deck, shuffling your deck after wards (which is a bit overpowered, so you might want to put a limit on which 5 cards you can choose)

*You can make the attack of this monster a direct attack."


--what is a summon spell? i mean i have heard of Ritual Spell Cards, Also, what are the requirements for "Tribune of the Master Wraith"?


--What is the "Delas, The Imperial Angel"

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