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The Fantasy Cup quarter final 2.CONTEST between members of my Final Fantasy Club



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  1. 1. winner?

    • The Omega
    • nytro_fox

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This is a member only contest.


For members of my Final Fantasy Club.


This is the second quarter final between The Omega and nytro_fox.


The rules are simple.


Post 2 monsters,1 spell and 1 trap card.



the cards MUST be Final Fantasy related.

winner recieves one rep from loser each round.

first to 5 votes wins.

dont vote for yourselves and anyone can vote.Please state who you voted for and your reasons as a comment.

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i hate to say, but looks like The Omega is a bit late... maybe he is away. but ill wait here for him...

oh, and sorry for myself vote, dopeyduck! i didnt pay attention to the rules. when i do another competition like this, maybe its better read the rules first! :P


sorry for that. :) hope you understand

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[spoiler=My Vincent Set]


[spoiler=Vincent's Lore]

This card cannot be destroyed by the effects of a Spell or Trap Card. If this card is Summoned to the Field, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on both sides of the Field. During every Standby Phase, inflict 5oo damage to both players. If this card is managed to be destroyed, draw 2 Cards from your deck and shuffle.



[spoiler=Chaos' Lore]

This card cannot be destroyed by the effects of a Spell or Trap Card. This card also cannot be destroyed by the effect of a Monster. This card can only be Special Summoned by the effects of the Spell Card, "Chaos Awakening". If this card was succesfuly Special Summoned, remove 5 cards from your opponent's Graveyard and draw 2 cards, then shuffle your deck.






Also, I voted for myself because of that mistake.


And another thing, nytro-fox received 2 votes (Not counting the one he gave himself), and how? Votes are supposed to be played when both members have their cards up.

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first you shouldnt reply here, we are in middle of a competition. go here, and read the topics: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-126676.html

yeah, i also noted that, but i cant understand. so like ive 3 votes and you 1. one is mine, but you also voted your self, so its 2-0. one is from dopeyduck (well i think he is the only guy that relied my cards :S) i think, and the other one i dont know. but only the votes count when both members had already posted the cards. so its 0-0. ok, now is up :)

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i Vote for Omega as i think his pics are awesome while nytro's are good but not at the same level as Omegas.

and i prefer his effects too.




OK who keeps voting and not saying who they voted for because when i voted i made it 3-3 but nytro only voted for himself.


people better confess.

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