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My first set


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So many Vanillas!


Flame, Flying and Leap Frog

i) Come up with effects.

ii) All the current 'Frog' cards are Aqua-Type, so change that.

iii) Check them here: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Frog


Frog Throne

i) Learn how to word Ritual Spell Cards properly.


King Frog

i) Learn how to word Ritual Monster Cards properly


Frog Armour

i) At last! Someone who spells Armour properly! Unfortunatly, since the translation is done in America, you have to write 'Armor'.

ii) Learn how to word Equip Spell Cards properly.


A good try, this set has some potential. PM me if you need help.


6/10 (Since you're new)

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