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One Card OTK?


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This is an edited version of the Judgment Dragon OTK:


Cards Needed in hand:

1x Judgment Dragon


Cards Needed in Graveyard:

4 Different Lightsworn monsters

2x Blackwing Vayu the Big Flag

2x Blackwing - Elphin the Raven


Cards Needed in Extra Deck:

2x Blackwing Armor Master


Its very easy. Just summon Judgment Dragon, Nuke the field. Then use the effect of your 2 Vayu the Big Flags to remove your 2 Elphin the Ravens to Special Summon 2 Blackwing Armor Master and attack for game.


Because the Judgment Dragon OTK was a 3 card OTK I thought this would be a 1 Card OTK because you need only card card in your hand or already on the field or is it a 5 Card OTK because you need 4 specific monsters in the Graveyard?

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I made a LS Deck which included this on DMU; it's running really well. Running 3x Vayu, 2x Elphin. With PSZ and plenty of Level 4s to get Goyo, I can sub that for one of the Armors. It's fairly standard LS other than that. I'm going to work on it.

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Requires ludicrous amounts of setup (especially compared to proper 1-card OTKs like Summon Priest) and a bizarre hybrid deck. Also' date=' it's not really a combo; you're just doing what the cards say, and the cards have no synergy with one another.


It's pretty much just self milling. As long as you have a Judgment Dragon in your hand or a Beckoning of the Light face-down you can just mill your entire deck. And how about those Lightsworn decks that also use DARK monsters, Dark Armed Dragon and chaos sorcerer? Couldn't you just replace some of those DARK monsters for those blackwings?

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