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My first deck

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Hi this is the first deck I've ever made, and it's a crystal beast deck please rate and offer suggestions. It's probably horrible but hey, it's my first deck.

And I'm really really sorry if it sucks >.<


monsters: 29

rainbow dragonx3

hamon, lord of striking thunder

crystal beast emerald turtlex2

crystal beast amethyst catx3

crystal beast sapphire pegasusx3

crystal beast ruby carbunclex3

crystal beast topaz tigerx2

crystal beast cobalt eaglex2

crystal beast amber mammothx3

red-eyes darkness metal dragon

light and darkness dragon

tyrant dragon

gravi-crush dragon

luster dragon

totem dragon

kuraz the light monarch


Fusion monsters: 1

five-headed dragon


Spells: 20

monster reincarnation

monster reborn

swords of revealing light

heavy storm

mystical space typhoon

burden of the mighty

dragon's mirror

lightning vortex

pot of avarice

dark world grimoire

card of safe return

hand destruction

soul exchange

rare value

ancient city-rainbow ruins

crystal blessing

crystal beacon

crystal release

crystal tree

crystal promise


traps: 11

ojama trio

level limit-area A

trap jammer

magic jammer

bottomless trap hole

draining shield

magic cylinder

rainbow path

rainbow gravityx2

last resort

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Stopped at 60 cards.



Looked again.


Make it a Crystal Beast Deck.


Take everything out except Rainbow D and Crystal Beasts. Put in 2 Rescue Cats. Take out the Cats. SCREW FHD!!!! Take out all the spells including Heavy Storm. That's suicide. But leave in the CB Supports. Put more of the same supports in your Deck. Take out all the traps and put in Torrential Tribute and.....I guess a Trap Dusthoot. Seeing as you MOST LIKELY don't have Mirror Force. Make the Deck around 40 - 42 cards and you're good to go.

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They're right, you seem to have done much better than most new players, since you went for a theme of using Crystal Beasts, and that's the strong point of the Deck. Take out the things which don't help the Crystal Beasts or aren't Crystal Beasts, like the Dragon-Type monsters, and this could be a really good first Deck =^.^=

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you wanna do CB's dude? run this...


Monsters: 19

x3 Pegasus

x3 Tiger

x3 Cat

x2 Charbuncle

x2 Mammoth

x2 Rescue Cat

x3 Airbellum

x1 Kuraz


Spells: 17

x3 Ruins

x2 Beacon

x3 Abundance

x3 Rare Value

x3 Blessing

x3 Promise


Traps: 4

x1 Torrental

x3 Solemn


Total: 40



usual synchros


you don't need RD or hamon to run a good CB deck

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