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Frozen Lands Set

Yoko Kurama

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.... omg really.... this happens almost every time... this set is very similar to the Frozen Waste set ive been working on for 2 months.... i mean very similar like the machine and all that.... but any ways oh and no not been working on same set for 2months been doing lots of other things and sets... but i give a... pending.... 4/10 it is ok and some orignality but u accidently did some OCG maybe you should fix Golem of Frozen Lands it says (By paying 800 life points,"SPECIAL SUMMON" any level 6 or lower monster from your graveyard "TO YOUR HAND".) and Robotic Horde is quite a bit OP... so just do a lil work and it will all work out..



its still VERY VERY similar to my set....

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