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Cyber Hunters- The First Revolution


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You are chosen to be a Cyber Hunter. You battle through Cyber Space to save the world from Dr. Drain. Dr. Drain has put all the world in Cyber Space. It's up to you to save the world.







Alter Ego:

Alter Ego Appearence:

Weapons (4 only please):

Weapon you Specialize in:

Transportation ( Hoverboard, Jetpack, Rocket shoes, Teleportation):

Good or Evil:

If Evil, Which team? (Death Hunters, Cyber Strikers):

If good, which team?( Alpha Squad, Cyber Searchers):

Special Attack (this means no weapon moves):




There. Now we need a Alpha Squad leader, Cyber Searchers leader, Death Hunters Leader and Cyber Strikers Leader.


(you can apply for leader)

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