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Angry Beavers set (WIP)


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"This monster cannot be removed from the field as the result of a trap card."




"If 'Nobert, The Ambitious Beaver' is on the field, you can special summon this monster from your hand in defense mode."




"What this mischievous beaver lacks in defense, it makes up for with its deadly teeth."




This monster can attack twice during the same turn. You cannot use this effect to attack your opponent directly.




"This monster counts as 2 monsters and must be attacked or affected by a card's effect twice for it to be removed from the field. Battle damage is calculated normally. If you tribute this monster, it only counts as 1 tribute. The monster can only attack once per turn."




"This monster can only be summoned by 'Kamu's Kalling'. When this monster is summoned, treat 'Kamu's Kalling' as an equip card and equip it with the card. As long as the card is equipped, this monster cannot be attacked."






"Tribute 2 monsters you control to special summon 'Kamu' from your hand."




"All Beaver type monsters on the field gain 500 DEF."




"Pay 200 life points to activate this card. The monster equipped from this card can have its type changed to any one type you choose for the purpose of card effects. You can only choose the type once as long as this card is in play. When this card is removed from field, the monster retains its original type."




"You must have 'Norbert, The Ambitious Beaver' in your control to activate this card. As long as this card is on the field, your monsters cannot be forced into attack position by card effects."






"You can only activate this card if you control a beaver type monster on the field. Remove 3 cards in your graveyard from play to send an opponent's monster to the graveyard"




"ATK and DEF differences as the result of a field card are reversed for 3 turns. After 3 turns, remove this card from play."




"Activate if your opponent has countered one of your cards that send two or more of their monsters to the graveyard. Your opponent can only prevent one monster from going to the graveyard. Any others are still sent to the graveyard normally."

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