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[spoiler=Plot]In this story, both Voldmort and Harry were killed, so nothing in the books ever happened. Deal. You are 11 years old, first years at Hogwarts. I will choose your houses based on your Bio/Personality.





Wand Info(Optional)-

Broom Info(Optional)-




[spoiler=Accepted][spoiler=KaiKae]Name-Kaisu Sanyura

Apearance-See avi


Wand Info-8 inches, made of pine wood.

Broom Info-Nimbus 2000

Personality-Calm, educational, loves reading, friendly.

Bio-He grew up around magic, learning how to conjure spells before he had a wand. He comes from a rich family and has a very well-crafted wand.



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Name- Dante Sares

Appearance- DanteInDEVILMAYCRY4.jpg

Blood- Pure

Wand Info(Optional)- 12 inches, made of oak, with a single strand of a Dementor's cloak in it.

Broom Info(Optional)- Firebolt

Personality- laid back, easy going, somewhat cocky

Bio- He comes from a rich, pure blood, family which lives in Africa(you know the white people part) but treats everyone the same. He prefers to wear his normal clothes(the one's in the picture) so at Hogwarts the Professors have to force him to wear the uniform. He is constantly fighting with his twin brother, Virgil.

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