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Shadow Mir

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In feudal times, a kingdom is being overthrown. You are a settler, running from your new evil king. Choose your class and settle in a village far from the kingdom. Whether you live on the mountains, near the ocean, or in the forest, you will have to settle in and rule as leader.





Lives where?:

Age: (13-21 starting out, but you age)


Crush: (In same village---must be another player)





[spoiler=shadow mir]

Name: Vincent Dainthertz

Age: 14

Weapon: Longsword





Name: Zeke tranis

Age: (13-21 starting out, but you age) 13

Weapon: Whip

Crush: ---



[spoiler=katana 68]

Name:Ambrose Spike

Age: 15


Crush: None







Name: Kent (Last name unknown)

Age: 17

Weapon: Barbarian sword

Crush: ---





[spoiler=Ocean shore]





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