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Legend of the Five Kokudo Supiritto's (Accepting Entrants - Not Started)


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After a Meteor strike on a planet Called Verador...portals to other realms(or Kokudo in Japanese) were ripped open.(Names of the realms - Vilalis, Verador, Marandir, Tothia and Nasrial) All different realities are behind these portals...and each are linked to each other who knows what awaits behind one of the portals.


The story takes place in the kingdoms of Vialis, Verador, Marandir, Tothia & Nasrial, All of which are at war with each other. The armies of all kingdoms have various Spirits inside their ranking officers that posses secret Abilities/Powers. You can be anything person you want, but be reasnable with size and strength, and you can be a member of any kingdom that you wish.



[spoiler=Info On Realms]

Vilalis: Is a Realm covered in Earth and is a wasteland. Their a good race and only fight when necasary.


Verador: Is a Realm covered In Darkness and is the most feared Realm known. This race is made of pure evil and is said to have caused the meteorite to crash knowing the repercussions that it would cause.


Marandir: Is a Realm covered in Light. Their a pure race with generous hearts. They have allied themselves with other good realms.


Tothia: Is a Realm covered in Water. This race is more on a neutral side but tends to help out the good realms.


Nasrial: Is a Realm covered in Smoke. It is said that the smoke is used by the race mostly as a defense tactic against outsiders because it contains a Poison known to paralyze other Races. This is an evil race and has a hatred for other Races. Due to being outnumbered they aline themselves with the Verador Realm.






Realm/Rank: (Check the Accepted Ranks to see what you can choose to be)


[align=center]The Five Kakudo offers ten joinable races: Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Draenei, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Undead and Blood Elves. Each of these races has unique racial traits and certain playable classes available to them. These racial traits and class options help them to accomplish their goals in the world.





Appearance: (pic preferred in a spoiler)


Spirit Name:

[spoiler=Spirit Type: (Must be Japanese)]

1) Byakko - the white tiger of the west.

2) Kyūbi-no-kitsune - a fox with nine tails.

3) Doji - a spirit with white wings, accounted in European mythology as being like an angel.

4) Enenra - a monster made of smoke.

5) Fūjin - the god of wind.

6) Gagoze - a demon

7) Gashadokuro - a giant skeleton, the spirit of the unburied dead.

8] Genbu - the black tortoise of the north.

9) Goryō - vengeful spirits of the dead.

10) Gotokuneko - a cat Yōkai who can breath fire from a cut shoot of bamboo. His name means "Cat of Five Virtues".

11) Gyūki - another name for the ushi-oni, the ox demon.

12) Koma-inu - another name for the shishi, the pair of lion-dogs that guard the entrances of temples.

13) Harionago - a female monster with deadly barbed hair.

14) Hibagon - the Japanese Bigfoot.

15) Hihi - a baboon monster.

16) Hitodama - a fireball-ghost that is said to appears when someone dies.

17) Hitotsume-kozō - a one-eyed boy.

1Cool Hō-ō - the legendary Fenghuang bird of China.

19) Hotoke - a deceased person.

20) Hyakume - a creature with a hundred eyes.

21) Ikazuchi-no-Kami - a thunder god

22) Isonade - a fish-like sea monster with a barb-covered tail.

23) Itsumaden - a monstrous bird that appeared over the capital in the Taiheiki.

24) Kitsune - a supernatural fox.

25) Kyūketsuki - a Japanese vampire.

26) Mizuchi - a dangerous water-dragon.

27) Okuri-inu - a dog or wolf that follows travelers at night, similar to the Black dog or Barghest of English folklore.

2Cool Oni - the classic Japanese demon, an ogre-like creature which often has horns.

29) Shinigami - the "god of death", the Japanese Grim Reaper.

30) Yamata no Orochi - the eight-headed serpent slain by the god Susanoo.



Spirit Powers:(See the power list for your abilities) Cannot choose this yet


[spoiler=Powers list]



Ultra Rare

It's so unusual, only one person every few generations ever gets it. There are very only 7 ultra rare powers between the two kings and the 5 Generals.


You can count the number of people who have it, All Capatains and Lieutenants have these rare powers.


These powers are limited to Privates only and their may be many.


There's one... and there's another one... and another one... eep! We're surrounded by them! These powers are usually bestowed as a secondary power to their original.


Advanced Hearing



Advanced Sight

Capable of visual magnification


Animal Healing

A specialty in specifically healing animals, which includes the ability to communicate and empathise on a basic level with the patient in question


Astral Projection

Astral projection happens when you go into a kind of trance, and it can happen accidentally during sleep. Your astral body leaves your physical body, it's like a manifestation of your spirit or soul. It can go anywhere it likes, and it's kind of misty, and go-throughable. When someone's projecting, they're body appears dead. So if you cremate someone who's astral body is traveling, the astral body dissipates. I guess it goes to Heaven. And if someone else is asleep or in a trance, your astral body can go into theirs, but as soon as they wake up you get kicked out.


Atom manipulation

The ability to manipulate atoms - mutual to all.



Attraction - can turn on/off, and make others and objects attractive.


Body swap

Can switch bodies with any person, and while in their body, has access to their memories, powers, etc. While in another's body, the user can pass for that person completely, and is undetected to everyone except the highest level of telepath. When the other person is in the user's body, they have no control over mind or powers, they are just stuck in the user's body until she decides to swap back.



The ability to create, manipulate etc, bubbles of (breathable) air with their mind.



Can charm anyone around the user



The ability to create stuff.



Self explanatory. Stength/Skil/Experience of user determines extent of destruction



Can disrupt chain of thought, a chain reaction, the use of power, etc



The ability to see and maniuplate people's dreams.



Like cloning. The person must be touching what they want to clone, and depending on how big it is, is to how long it takes. Clone forms from palm of hand.



User can stretch their body parts out like elastic



Control electricity with mind


Empathic Healing

The ability to heal on the empathic level rather than the physical


Empathic Weather Control

the weather reflects her emotions when they are strong enough.



Feel and project emotions from and to other people



User can enhance her appearance, and things around them to make it more attractive



Cause and contain explosions.



the ability to find misplaced items and other lost things within a certain range defined by their skill level/experience



The ability to fly



A mix of invisability and steath. Can turn invisable, pass through both the animate and inanimate. When in ghost from (when they are invisable and can pass through the animate) they are also capable of momentary possession. Sound levels are also reduced when in ghost form.



Control over the direction or quantity of gravity in any mass.



The ability to heal



Control water with mind



Kind of like a glamour thing... the user can trick you into thinking you're somwhere else, even someone else and the user can change their own appearance while they're working the illusion.



Aging process slows after reaching maturity and eventually stops, Also they can not die (They can still get hurt/Break a bone/cut/shot/ its not to be confused with being invulnerable!)



The ability to turn invisible. The stronger the user, the more things/people they can turn invisable. (meaning you can't see them, but you could probably hear them and bump into them! lol)



Manipulate light in all its forms


Magnetic fields

Can manipulate magnetic forces - not to be confused with metalkinesis



Remembers everything



Control metal with mind.



Deals with kinesis on the celular level, DNA, etc


Night Vision




The ability to prevent others from using their powers



the ability to understand all forms of number problems, patterns, etc



Can put anyone in any kind of pain - emotional or physical. Includes heart attacks.


Pathic kinesis

Whilst capable of all different kinds of kinesis, can only do what other people want them to do with them - determined telepathically and empathicly (specialised).


Pathic Shifting

The ability to empathically and telepathically (specialised) determine what people want them to be and then shape shift, and adjust attitudes according to that. While this works out of their control, they can choose who influences them the most through the creation of bonds.


Physical coersion

The ability to coerse someone upon physical contact.



Maniuplation and creation of vegetation.


Power borrowing

Can 'borrow' any person's power within a radius of about five miles, but can only take one at a time



The person has visions of the past or future, brought on by touch, sight or sound.



Can move things that he can't see, and things he can't understand



Control fire with mind



Can create, manipulate and dissolve radiation


Shape shifting

The ability to change their appearence in any way they want.



Can create different fields of protection. Telepathic, and empathic shields, also some force fields - general onto to a small area and specialised (specifially for certain dangers, i.e, fire) to a larger area.


Smoke Screen

Smoke Screen - a blanket power for any effect which hinders a persons 5 senses. For example, conjure darkness to temporarily blind a person, freezing them in their place so they were paralysed, etc.



At the snap of their fingers, they can repair any broken object, or tidy a room. Think Mary Poppins, only no singing.



Ability to talk and hear in super or sub sonics



Doesn't emit sound unless chooses to, thus cannont be picked up by sonar, radar, etc. Also can blend into their surroundings.



Can multiply their own strength, as well as people or objects around them.



Can learn any instrument he picks up



Control technology with mind



Control objects with mind



Can teleport! Strength of the teleporter determines how mcuh and how far they can teleport



Manipulate temperate to either extreme



The ability to read and manipulate minds, and create telepathic objects. People with this power generally practice Ga'Revali. Ga'Revali levels are Grandmaster, Master, Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Novice and Beginner.



The ability to navigate time



Understands all languages (human, animal, dead, extra-terrestrial...)



Can create, manipulate, etc, vacuums (the phenomina, not the electrical appliance)



Can manipulate the weather



Can create wormholes through space, although the size and time of endurance depends on the strength and experience of the person. Is not limited by distance or mass, like teleportation, but short distances (room to room, state to state, continent to continuent, etc), are more troublesome to manage than they are worth. Also, clear space is required for the mouth to open up without causing damage to externals. Additionally, people with this power cannot create a wormhole to a place they have never been.


X-Ray Vision

Quite obvious, but this does allow to see through eyelids. Aka: if their eyes are closed, the person can still see the bone structures of people around them.






[spoiler=Point System]

all new members will start with 50 points. Every member will be able to upgrade your weapons, and add points to increase their abilities.


Weapons: We need a huge list of Weapons. If you decide to make up a weapon please PM me for a simple form to fill out. You will recieve 5 points per Weapon. Your created Weapons that you submit for points must be in a spoiler and accepted by a host (me or Mirage, Maybe others) before you will gain the points.


Powers: We need a huge list of Abilities. The Abilities you create or wish to be added must be like listed in the form's power list. If you decide to make up an ability to add to our list you will recieve 5 points per Ability. Your abilities you submit for points must be in a spoiler and accepted by a host (me or Mirage possibly others) before you will gain the points.


Everyone will gain points in this RP you can pay those points to a host to upgrade your powers and abilities. This chart is what your Abilties will be based upon.


AP(Attack Power) -

DP(Defense Power) -

SPD(Speed Power) -

TRK(Tracking Power) -

SPRT(Spirit Power) -





1: No Spamming

2: No Flamming

3: Stay on topic

4: All apps in a spoiler plz

5: If you will be inactive plz let a host know.

6: No Godmodding

7: Follow all other YCM rules




[spoiler=Accepted Ranks]

Their are two Kings which are the hosts of this club. Their will be 1 general, 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, and countless privates for each realm.


Evil King - Hayate Masaru (Verador, Nasrial, and Tothia being Neutral)

Good King - Mirage (Vilalis, Marandir, and Tothia being Neautral)


Vilalis Realm:

General -

Captain -

Lieutenant -

Private -


Verador Realm:

General -

Captain -

Lieutenant -

Private -


Marandir Realm:

General -

Captain -

Lieutenant -

Private -



General -

Captain -

Lieutenant -

Private -



General -

Captain -

Lieutenant -

Private -



[spoiler=Accepted apps]

Name: Hayate Masaru

Realm/Rank: King of the Good side

Race Human

Equipment: Unknown make up tomarrow

Bio: Unknown as of yet will make up lata

AP(Attack Power) - 100

DP(Defense Power) - 100

SPD(Speed Power) - 100

TRK(Tracking Power) - 100

SPRT(Spirit Power) - 100

Spirit Name:Amil Ghoul

Spirit Type: Doji - a spirit with white wings, accounted in European mythology as being like an angel.

Appearance: Has Black wings 12-15 feet tall, yellow hair wearing a black robe.

Spirit Powers:

Biography:Unknown make up tomorrow


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woah, stella Plz keep that talk to a minumuim if you have a problem PM me, I will deal with it. Mirage is a Friend and he has just as much right to be here considering he will end up being the second host. In the future PM me plz I will take care of him, if that was even an insult to you in da first place.

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edited the pics so that you anc see it and mirage was that fuckin insult bcuz if it was shut the f*** up


>.> it wasn't really an insult, I don't look at really any other posts. He gave me a link to this so I came and just posted to reserve a spot. Sorry if I insulted you in anyway without realizing.

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