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rate my random deck plz!!


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heres my random deck. rate it and tell me if i have any banned or limited cards in my deck and if you want to, any ways to upgrade it.




crystal beast topaz tiger x1

crystal beast amber mammoth x2

crystal beast emerald tortise x1

crystal beast amethyst cat x1

hydrogeddon x2

oxygeddon x2

magna-slash dragon x1

gravi-crush dragon x1

six samurai-zanji x1

six samurai-yariza x1

six samurai-nisashi x1

six samurai-kamon x1

green gadget x1

red gadget x1

yellow gadget x1

ancient gear soldier x1

monk fighter x1

mirage dragon x1

ancient gear gadjiltron dragon x1

homunculus the alchemic being x1

familiar-posessed hiita x1

mr.volcano x1

suijin x1

black tyrano x1

spear dragon x1

medusa worm x1

hamon lord of striking thunder x1

grave protector x1

saber beetle x1



compulsory evacuation device x2

coffin seller x1

sakuretsu armor x1

ordeal of a traveler x1

just deserts x1

enchanted javelin x1

dragon capture jar x1

blind desturction x1

level conversion lab x1

magical arm shield x1

negate attack x1

call of the haunted x1

type zero magic crusher x1

destiny board x1



spirit message i x1

spirit message n x1

spirit message a x1

spirit message l x1

banner of courage x1

shield and sword x1

mausoleum of the emperor x1

monster reincarnation x1

dian keto the cure master x1

ekibyo drakmord x1

reload x1

swords of revealing light x1

mystical space typhoon x1

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