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my dak wold dek still miss reinbow

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^ Title is a joke



Dark World Synchro


Monsters: 19


3x Beigi

3x Sillva

3x Goldd

3x Broww

3x Fiend Roar Deity Raven

2x Reaver

1x Jar

1x Sangan


Spells: 14


3x DWD

2x DWL

2x Allure

1x CoSR

1x Robert

1x Storm

1x Smash

2x Shrink

1x Card D


Traps: 7

1x Torrential

3x Solemn

3x Dark Deal



I did this when my internetz was bugged and I am sure that I've missed something.

Oh and I have 666 posts WOHOO.

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OMG I've just realised that Hand D doesn't work!!!!!!

And I am not sure about Dark Deal. Oh and Reaver works great. For now.

-2 Hand D

-2 Gateway (I thought that I only skip normal summoning this turn)

+1 Card D (Obvious replacement for Card D :D)

+3 Shrink (it was floating in my mand due to the lolATK of the Dark Worlds)


I might test

-2 Reaver

-1 Beigi/Broww (I like Broww more, but I need more Synchro fodders here)

+3 Dark Deal (Seems interesting to have a way of activating the second effect, but I think that it will be a dead draw (lol) most of the time)


Thanks for the tip

+ rep for being the 1st ti post here O.o Everybody was ignoring this topic.


Edit: Damn I am out of reps for today If I remember I'll give it tommorow :P

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