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Light. Destruction. Problems.


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Because i feel like posting them.




Providing light is all i can say.

What would have happened,

If you thought this way?


Its illogical.


The train of thought in your mind,

Is impossible to kick your behind.


You can trick yourself all you want,

Yet shining light on the situation,

Can be the easier then writing,

Bulbous Bouffant.


So take a gander,

And listen well,

For what i have to speak,

May make you go through hell.


The truth hurts,

And so does light,

But in the darkness,

It shines bright.





Look at what i've done.

Eradication has just begun.


As we sit,

staring at the sky,

I laugh loudly,

and you cry.



I'll sit and wonder,

About the many reasons,

I still wander.


Because all I have left,

My mind,

At the world's feet,

And my heart.



Can you hear it beat?






I know you have problems.

I know you do.

But if you dont keep laughing,

You'll never get through.

But from what i've seen,

It can never be true.

And judging by who you are,

You'll blow right through.



I'll appriciate any comments other then crappy ones.


Any CnC.

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[email protected]

End of comment.

What did you want me to say...that it was good? :?


Actually i didnt.

But the fact that you just said "Crap" further implies that you dont know what your talking about.

So next time you comment on something, actually try and read it and understand what the person is saying, rather just saying "Dis is crap d00d, u shud scrap it nao!"

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