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megan fox siggah!


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-.-' date=' tell me the problems. plus read the rules. i'm a new to this so tell me exactly how to make it better.



Then please do not come to my threads & rate.

First it is called a "Signature" a "Tag" a "Tag-nature" not "Siggah"

Second, the size is bigger than a signature's size. A signature should be no more than 500 x 200.

Finally, you have 2 focal-s, left side is left plain. The ratio of plain-ness is 3:1 so 3 full 1 empty. Also you have not even made the effort to google "Photoshop/Gimp signature tutorials"

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God guys, it's his first sig, come on I would have stopped doing gfx if the first comments were like those... :s Look killer, that is alright for a first, I see you were just messing with the tools which is very good for a beginner. Messing with the tools/filters adjustment layers is never bad but you should try to start reading sig tutorials, why? because it gives you experience... You learn new techniques and as you move on you can use all the knowledge from the tuts and make your own sigs. It will give you a pretty solid start, and you will see improvement in no time. : ) First I recomend you read a starting tutorial explaining the tools/filters etc (I have some if you need) and then move up in difficulty. Post your outcomes so we can comment on them and tell you what looks good and what looks bad and how to improve it. It's not easy or fast, but it's possible so keep it up bro, if you need any help, pm me =]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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