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Monsters: 21


Dark Tinker x3

Flying Fortress SKY FIRE x3

Raiza the Storm Monarch x2 (Filler)


Spell Reactor - RE x3

Summon Reactor - SK x3

Thunder King Rai-Oh x3

Trap Reactor - Y FI x3


Spells: 12


Allure of Darkness x2

Brain Control

Burden of the Mighty x3

Giant Trunade

Monster Reborn

Mystical Space Typhoon

Shrink x3


Traps: 7


Crush Card Virus

Dark Bribe x3

Royal Oppression x3


Basically the idea is to use SKY FIRE, in conjunction with Royal Oppression to prevent your opponent from summoning monsters at all while you beat them down, I'm considering putting Lightning Vortexs in here, thoughts?

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Eh, why not Caius over Razia?


Granted, Razia's bounce does work well, but Razia =/= Allurable, while Caius == Allurable


Yet, Use Caius. If they try Special Summon the removed monster, Opression it.



-1 Razia

+1 Caius



-2 Razia

+1 Caius

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Well according to the deck strat Salvo would work perfectly.

You want to pull of oppression with SKYFIRE, Salvo is your 4th and 5th reactor.

It comes before to help the SKYFIRE and also if your in a spot of trouble Dark Strike kicks there arse back to chinatown.

Shrink AND Burden is un-needed.

Lose 3 shrinks for 3 roars.

Dark Tinker doesnt really fit.

Lose 3 for a creature swap, chaos sorc and smashing.

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