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This deck is REALLY stupid and I should feel bad.

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Monsters: 7


Arcana Force 0 - The Fool


Spirit Reaper

Morphing Jar

Needle Worm x3


Spells: 4



Book of Eclipse x3


Traps: 29


Thunder of Ruler x3

Threatening Roar x3

Waboku x3

Rainbow Life x3

Hallowed Life Barrier x3

Zero Gravity x3

No Entry x3

Windstorm of Etaqua x3

Curse of Anubis x3

Needle Ceiling x2

Mirror Force

Torrential Tribute


Side Deck: 3


Double Snare x3


Jinzo and Royal Decree are banned. OK? We clear? Good. The joke is to Deck out Lightsworns and everything else too, but I don't think it should work. It shouldn't work, because it's stupid. REALLY stupid, and I should feel bad. And yet, I don't, because of how hard I get to laugh when I win with this, which shouldn't be often.


I want to replace Hallowed Life Barrier pretty badly too, but nothing seemed appropriate. Done 1 duel with this so far (some BW thing), lasted a LONG time and then he kills me with DSF. DSF's a problem. Not much I can do there.

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Divine Wrath is needed' date=' for shiz liek JD that'll destroy your stall



Everything's chainable though. ;D



Anyways I think that there are better stall cards than Rainbow Life and hallowed life barrier.


I agree' date=' but I've either put them in already or they aren't chainable and shiz liek JD'll stomp 'em out.


ok yeah this deck sucks and should because who on earth uses marshmallon without his glasses dude and you need macro cosmos and 3 soul absorbtions

by the way what is dsf



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