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New Cards- "Warriors of Genertha" Check them out


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Get ready for an ultimate deck and REALISTIC as it can be! I created each card and sweat ed day and night to complete them! haha I am a noobie to this website ...but a big fan of Yu-gi-oh Cards! so I hope You like this complete Deck i made! oh at the bottom of the card I decided to make the creator of the card and date the ACTUAL card creator (KAZUKI TAKAHASHI 1996) just to make it more REAL! but Chason Sykes ( thats me) Created them! ENJOY!




325038.jpg 325038.jpg325038.jpg325038m.jpg325038g.jpg325038.jpg325038t.jpg325038i.jpg325038.jpg325038w.jpg325038h.jpg325038.jpg325038e.jpg325038j.jpg325038s.jpg325038d.jpg325038k.jpg325038z.jpg325038m.jpg325038.jpg325038w.jpg325038z.jpg325038.jpg325038q.jpg325038.jpg325038u.jpg


Spell Cards!








Now Tell me YOU wouldnt want these cards for yourself! I know I would


Please give me feedback and comments, remember these are my first cards!

ONLY if you guys like, i will post more cards! Thanks for viewing !

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