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Spellcaster Deck - Curropt Magic


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Plz rate and if I have bans plz tell me :D


Apprentice Magicion x1

Dark Magician x3

A Man with Wdjat x1

Skilled Dark Magician x2

Old Vindictive Magician x1

Royal Magical Lybrary x2

White Magician Pikeru x1

Dark magician Girl x1



Magical Dimension x2

Spell Absorption x1

Dark Magic Attack x1

Sages Stone x1

Card Destruction x1

Soul Exchange x1

Ante x1

Swords of Revieling Light x1

Diffusion Wave Motion x1

Mage Power x1

Cost Down x1



Magicians Circle x1

Pitch-Black Power Stone x1

Enchanted Javilin x1

Cry Havoc x1

Trap Holw x2

Ominous Fortuntelling x1

Miracle Restoring x1

Girft od the Mystecle Elf x1

Shadow Spell x1

Level Convertion Lab x1

Fairy Box x1

Ordeal of a Traveler x1

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