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I 2 Banners for this

1 of them must say on it

Dog King's and Dark Hearts's


Holoes , Dark Synchros , Tokens , Recolours , Boosters , Anime Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and many more here.

On one sied it needs a cool flying dog pic were it sais Dog King's and on the other side were the Dark Heart pic is you put down Dark Heart's

put and in the middle

and the detail on the bottom in the middle


The Other Banner

Use the same pic as on top

put this on top of it in the middle

DK's and DH's Emporium

And on the bottom or in a cool place put in this writing

Come here to Dog Kings and Dark Hearts Shop. We sell Holoes , Boosters , Recolours , Dark Synchros , Tokens , Anime Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and other stuff. We also have Credit Cards. You need to pay 20 points to get a Credit Card. You can get points for your Credit Cards by buying stuff , Making a Number of posts in a Sponsered Club , Joining a Sponsered Contest , Being our number the number 1 buyier of the month , PMing us hwo to make and add stuff for our Shop and Many more ways to get Points. With these Points you can buy stuff without paying just telling us how many points your using out of your Credit Card. If you don't post for less then 2 weeks in our shop well then sorry your Credit Card has disapered and you need to buy a new one. But the Best thing is that every thing is 1 point.


if there are Grammer mistakes then please fix them



1st 3 reps

2nd 2 reps

3rd 1 rep

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