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ok, i will go in depth with each card:


Chujimo - The pic reminds me of pics shown and from 4chan. Synchros NEEDS a Tuner and something else for it to come out, TOO high in atk and def. Effect makes no sense. Also you cannot have Tuner (sub-type) as a type for a Synchro


Kirigomo Guardian - Normal is a kind of card and not a type, atk and def are also TOO high. picture is kind of bad (ie doesn't fit)


Field Spell - While not "outright" broken, considering the two previous cards, CAN become broken

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Make the following Changes:



Light Lv 7

(insert Type)/Ritual



This card can only be Ritual Summoned by the effect of "Archekoelin". Once per turn, the owner of this card can select one monster on the field to gain life points equal to half of the attack of the selected monster.

If you choose to activate this effect, this monster cannot attack the turn in which this effect was activated.


Kirigoma Guardian

Light Lv 8




1 "Lo the D.D. Summoner" + 1 non-tuner Monster

Once per turn the owner of this card can choose to activate one of the following effects:

Select one monster your opponent controls and remove it from play, then inflict half of that monster's defense to the opponent directly

Select one monster you control and remove it from play, the gain Life Points equal to it's attack.



Ritual Spell Card

This card can be used to Ritual Summon "Chujimo". You must also offer Tribute monsters from the field or your hand whose total Levels equal the Level of the Ritual Monster you are attempting to Ritual Summon.


Lo the D.D. Summoner

Light/ Lv 5



Once per turn, you can roll a 6-sided die and apply the following:

1 or 4 - Remove 1 monster your opponent controls from play.

2 or 6 - Remove 1 Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls from play.

3 or 5 - Remove from play 1 monster and 1 spell or trap card you control.

^^^if you like those changes^^^

oh and Lo's Attack/Defense = 2100/1500

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ok, looking good... i'm not telling you to make those changes but giving you helpful suggestions.


Also, with the first one, you will be needing to change it's type from tuner to something else.


the lower right hand side, just under the pictures where you have numbers, when you decide on a deck name. if it is 2 or 3 words put the first letter of each word, followed by a number (ex: XTZ-001)

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ok, that was my fault. when you put the serial number, in this card BCXT-100. each will be different


BCXT - 100

BCXT - 101 or 200

BCXT - 102 or 300

BCXT - 103 or 400


and most have it starting at 000 or 001 and others have it starting at 0000 or 0001

by each will be different, i mean each card will be different. so Chugima and Kirigoma's will be different. they will all have BCXT (deck/booster name) but the last 3(4) numbers will be different

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