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New card pack!


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These are alright, although they don't seem to go together...there's no link if you see what I mean. Plus the effects need some work, as some of them are too basic or overpowered.

For example, Ann's effect doesn't really work as a Flip effect ('Flip' = 'FLIP'). What it could be is "FLIP: Reduce the ATK of 1 face-up monster by 500."


'game' = 'Duel'


There are also a large number of OCG errors, so work on them. And making these cards work together, if they're going to be a set.



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lol btw guys im sorry' date=' my friend got onto this when I was away and made these cards, I changed some things but once again OCG isnt my strong point.



Don't apoligise. If these are going to be a set, then just change the effects so that they work together better, you can correct the OCG later.

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