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Attempt at making a tournament-legal Exodia Deck


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Here it is, please advise and help, it would be much appreciated.


Monsters: 26

5 Pieces of Exodia

17 level 4 DARK Normal monsters I can get my hands on

Emissary of the Afterlife X3



Spells: 10

Veil of Darkness x3

Allure of Darkness X2

Hand Destruction x2

Heart of the Underdog X3



Traps: 4

Common Charity X3

Gravity Bind


Total: 40


Any comments?

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Common Charity:

Draw 2 cards, then remove from play 1 Normal Monster card from your hand. If you don't have any Normal Monster cards in your hand to remove, send all cards in your hand to the graveyard.



Trade-In with 1 target is pro. And if you want a competive exodia deck. Scrap this. Vannila Exodia is fn' date=' but not competive at all.



Actually I have not yet lost a match with this deck.


Anyway I shall edit it a bit now.

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All Exodia Decks should really run 3 Upstart Goblin


Less so in this deck. Three Upstart Goblin is three more spells that interrupt the Heart/Veil chain, and you only get an extra card in exchange. Think of it this way...


Using Veil/Heart -> Get Upstart -> +1 card.

Using Veil/Heart -> Get Monster -> +1 OR MORE cards.

Using Veil/Heart - > Get any of the other Draw Engines -> +2 cards


Upstart is really the weak link...


On that same pattern, lose Level Limit also. It slows you down, and your opponent is likely to only be minorly inconvenienced by it.

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>_> I still think it would be better to keep 3 Trade-In, and change 6 of those 17 Normal-Darks to Cosmo Queen and Tri-Horned Dragons (The only two Level-8, Dark Vanillas). That also gives you the benefit of being able to throw in a couple of Swings of Memory/a Monster Reborn and be able to hit things back before they overwhelm you.


My opinion at least.

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