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This Lord is So funny...inspired by Syncrow

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Hurray for Crappy Decks!.....I was in a discussion about this cards and This comes to My Mind...It looks funz...But...Maybe not That Good...Let's See what people think...XD



3 x Jester Lord

3 x Cyber Valley

1 x Sangan

3 x Penguin Soldier

2 x Apprentice Magician



2 x One for One

3 x Arms Hole

3 x Mage Power

1 x Reborn

1 x BControl

1 x LV

1 x Storm

2 x Allure

1 x Future Vision

1 x Broken Bamboo Sword

3 x Golden Bamboo Sword



3 x PWWB

2 x Compulsory

2 x Trap Stun

1 x Torrential

1 x CCV


>.<...............SO Start Commenting....XD

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Massive damage ftw.

But Jester lord has to be the only monster on the field for it's ATK to activate.


Basically, Jester Lord is da cool muthafukah who rides cool n' full 'o powah. But if there's another bro on the field J-Lord can't roll like dat 'cause he doesn't want to pisz nobody off........Word.

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Think about it though.


Jester Lord' date=' Mage Power x3, Opti,


He'll rape.


But he'll already be attacking directly.....

You could just add any lolequip then...


I'm guessing he think of that as an alternative strategy if I can't wipe out all my opponent monsters...

Oh K then.

Could use T-Roar then. Or Wall of Revealing Light?

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