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Structure Deck: Raging War-Beasts

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Deck Lore:

During the time of the Rule of the Aqua Lords,these Beasts were often their only source of real prey.However once the Aqua Lords were Sealed away,their numbers grew,their power great,they replaced the tyrrany of their old predator's with their own.However they soon faced the same end.Now that their seals have broken they now stand head to head against their ancient enemies.With their power they'll crush ALL foes they will face!




If this card is switched to Defense=position by a card effect,negate the activation and effect of that card,so long as this card is face-up on the field.While you have an active Field Spell card on the field,All Beast and Beast-Warrior-Type monsters are unaffected by the effects of your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards.Once per turn during the Battle Phase of any turn,if this card has not attacked,you can discard 1 Beast or Beast-Warrior-Type monster from your hand to increase the ATK of all of your face-up monsters by that cards ATK until the End Phase of that turn,this card cannot attack the turn this effect is used.




Deck List:



1x Behemoth,The Furious Lord of Mega-Beasts

1x Fatal-Fang The Fierce Hunter

1x Ghost Knight of Jackal

1x Behemoth King of All Animals

1x Manticore of Darkness

2x Cybernetic Cyclopean

1x Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu

1x Twinheaded Beast

1x Gravity Behemoth

2x Demi-Behemoth

2x Moja

1x Raging Mega-Beast,Behemoth of the Burning Land

1x Northern Polar Titan

1x Mid-Western Wrath Titan

1x Great Mega-Beast,Eight Tailed Behemoth

2x Yamii and Hidekii

3x Good Boy!



2x Castle of the Ancient People

2x Land of Animal Deities

2x Destroyer's Gloves

2x Ultima Beast-Armor

1x Focusing Gravity Beam

1x Beast Sanctuary

1x Claw of the Beast-Folk

2x Wicked Beast Sword



1x Ordeal of a Traveller

1x Level Limit - Area A

1x Ultimate Offering

1x Dark Field of Cleansing

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well for the ones that are newly created they are good. but alot of the effects they possess already belong to similar cards thus i'd give it like a 8.5/10 for originality. Still very kool but annoying to read some of the smaller print cards.

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