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Crimson Citadel


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as soon as the new ritual support comes out for TCG, this is the deck ill be running *its a spell-counter deck using Flame Lord*. i have no extra deck for this deck, and im still looking at cards for my side.


Deck: 40


Monsters: 15


Legendary Flame Lord, 3x

Endymion the Master Magician, 1

Crusader of Endymion, 3x

Defender, the Magical Knight, 3x

Magical Exemplar, 2x

Jowgen the Spritualist, 2x

Breaker the Magical Warrior, 1x


Spells: 19


Incandescent Ordeal, 2x

Preparations for the Ritual, 2x

Magical Citadel of Endymion, 2x

Terraforming, 1x

Magical Mallet, 2x

Spell Power Grasp, 3x

Monster Reborn, 1x

Heavy Storm, 1x

M.S.T., 1x

Brain Control, 1x

Swords of Reveiling Light, 1x

Double Summon, 1x


Traps: 6


Pitch-Black Powerstone, 2x

Magician's Circle, 2x

Torrential Tribute, 1x

Trap Dustshoot, 1x


the deck is pretty straight forward, just looking to see how i can speed it up a bit.


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