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Defender Monsters: A New Type of Card


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Read this to understand!

So what are Defender Monsters? Well, basically, they Defend other monsters, like the name implies. By Defend, it means that the Defender Monster must be destroyed before the Defended monster can be destroyed. The Defended monster can still be a victim of Spells, Traps, and Effects (unless it or it's Defender effects state otherwise). The Defender occupies the same Monster Card Zone as the Defended Monster. Because 10 monsters at once would be outrageous, you may only have 3 Defender Monsters on the field at once, making a maximum of 8 cards. If the Defended Monster is destroyed, but the Defender is not, it is immediately sent to the Graveyard. Most Defenders will require a special way to Summon it. Defenders do not have to constantly be Defending another monster, but it is best if they do. Defenders cannot Defend another Defender, however. Important: If a monster is being Defended, It can NOT attack. If it has effects, they can still be activated, but while being Defended, they are not able to attack.



I would have recolored the Defender Monsters, but since I have no clue how, they'll just be Effect Monsters (for now).


[spoiler=New OCG]Defender Monster


Defended Monster






This card cannot Defend a Level 5 or higher monster, meaning this is card is used to Defend Level 4 or lower monsters, which are weak for the most part. Hence the name. But why increase the ATK of the Defended Monster, if they can't attack? To answer that, it's just an extra boost in case the Defender Monster is destroyed.




Please comment on my idea. I'll be adding more cards soon. I hope this hasn't been used already...

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All of the ****tards who don't get that the "second type omgzorz" on these cards is called a subtype astound me.





This idea is interesting. The Defender needing to be Special Summoned and having a monster to Defend is kinda commiting a lot to the field. The Defended monster can still be destroyed by card effects, and thus the Defenders only protect from battle? If that is the case, the whole idea is horrible. Committing so many cards to putting down a Defender and then just giving a card battle immunity (while making it unable to attack) is awful.


If it protects them from card effects as well (which it should; placing a Defender monster in the Defended monster's Zone is pretty much overlapping it, where it would take the things that happen to the Defended monster) then it's a good idea.


Not a giant fan of the Spell outside of a Side Deck against Lightsworns, lulz.



7/10 for the concept, it could be improved a bit, maybe. Some effects to abuse pulling out Defenders quickly would be nice, since you're stopping your own monsters from attacking to defend them. That's a lot of turtling.

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cool concept kinda wish i had thought of it. (since i didn't i might still want to use it on some of my cards, if u don't mind of course) i do agree however that you should make the defenders able to provide full immunity and possibly just to balance that out reduce the number available at any given time from 3 down to 2. other than that nice balance good OCG and nice pic so 9.5/10

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I used your type on my new card (hope you don't mind gave credit at the top of the page with full link to you and this thread) with the updated effect i feel might work out best for this type of card




Inkwell Guardian: This card is summoned in face up Defense Position. This card can not switch position (including by card effect). This card must occupy the same card zone as another monster you control. If it does not it is destroyed. If the monster sharing a zone with this card would be destroyed this card is destroyed instead. This card can not be normal summoned or set this card can only be special summoned by removing 3 "Ink Counters" from any "Ink" or "Pen" Monster.[/align]


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