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Favorite Videogame Trailer Quotes

Darth Duelist

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Hi guys!

I just saw the God of War 3 trailer on youtube. I thought it was pretty cool, especially when they show Kratos's eyes (in case you don't know, Kratos is the main character in the God of War videogames). You can practically see the anger and hatred in Kratos's eyes. You can see that video in the link below:


I was just wondering : What is your favorite videogame trailer quote? Mine is below:


God of War 3 Trailer

Zeus: "In the beginning, there was chaos. Our victory brought order to the land. Properity to mankind. Now that order is threatened. The sacred walls of Olympus have been breached. Alas, in the end, he will suffer. In the end, we will triumph. In the end-"

Kratos: "There will be only chaos!"


I just love it when Kratos says that. Please post your favorite videogame trailer quotes! :p

Um.. hello guys? posts required plz!

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