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Worth a try..?


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Aiku: I only can say one thing... ugh.


OCG: The OCG is terrible.

may = can

normal summoned or set = Normal Summoned or Set.

attempting = If your opponent's declare a direct attack.

special summon this card = Special Summon this card (from where? hand, deck, graveyard???)

It is directly destroyed after the battle phase that is summoned. = Destroy this card at the End Phase of this turn. (Not sure.)

Avoid creating new type, keep the basic.

Effect: Even though the OCG is terrible, I'll have to admit that this card effect is well thought, I'll have to give you that.

Name and Image: 16-bit games are great! But not when they are cards' image, that's not a good thing.


Overall: 4.9/10

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