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..::Martial::.. Enter the New World - The Start of The Set ---------RATINGS PLEASE


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You had recently signed up for a deep-space trip (Now that technology allows). As you walk into the room you look at the monitor. Your ship is targeted at what scientists think is an "astroid" out-side of the solar system. The scientist points you to a door which you got through. A concrete pathway led to the ship. It was chrome with black seals. You enter. The scientist show up on the screen, "Hello Deep-Space Travelers, get ready for take-off." The ground rumbles and you are sent straight into the sky. "Hyper sleep mode activated." The electronic voice said. You wake up in what seems to be seconds, but actually years. The "astroid" is straight ahead. But it doesn't look like an astroid... But like a New World...





Sorry for white backrounds. Please do not make comments about it. I thought the picture was great enough to make up for a blank background.

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