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Transformers ROTF card


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I haven't posted anything for a while so I decided to make a Transformers card since I saw the movie the other day.

Please rate. (sorry-updated card effect, forgot morphtronics ATK/DEF differenve)


[spoiler=Click Here]117769a.jpg



Here's the effect description:

● While in Attack Position: Once during your Battle Phase, discard two cards in your handto have this card can attack twice during each Battle Phase.

● While in Defense Position: Your opponent cannot select another monster as an attack target.

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In Depth:


Pic-is too dark, and has too much noticable text-5/10

ATK and DEF-Way OPed. that is too much to be able to attack twice without any drawbacks, like decreasing your life points. 2/10

Name-You don't have to call it morphtronic to give it a morphtronic effect, you know. 3.7/10

Effect-OPed. It needs drawbacks, like tributing monsters or decreasing your life points, or it is an OPed guy that does 4800 life point damage per turn, at most. 1.7/10



1.3/10 sorry buddy

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