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Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon

Zaborg the Thunder Monarch

Kuraz the Light Monarch

Batteryman AA x3

Batteryman Micro-Cell x2

Batteryman D x2

Batteryman Charger

Morphtronic Magnen x3

Morphtronic Celfon

Morphtronic Cameran

Morphtronic Boomboxen

Morphtronic Radion

Morphtronic Boarden




Recycling Batteries

Short Circuit

Battery Charger

Junk Box

Morphtronic Cord

Morphtronic Accelerator

Morphtronic Repair Unit

Inferno Reckless Summon x2

Makiu, The Magical Mist



Judgment of Thunder

Portable Battery Pack

Morphtransition x2

Morphtronic Monitron

Morphtronic Bind

Morphtronic Mix-Up

Gravity Bind

Call of the Earthbound

Light of Intervention


What do you think? Any suggestions?

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I thought it'd be fun' date=' but I have yet to test. Plus, it is unexpected. It looks like it should work.



It won't.


Not only are Batterymen a careful build, but they're an inconsistent one as well. Also, your Morph selections are trash.


This guide should be able to tell you which Morphs you run suck. I'm far too lazy to correct ANOTHER incorrectly done Morph line.


Morphs have enough in the way of OTKs, I say to drop the Batterymen.

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