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Hi, I'm a new member to YCM. I'm just here to make friends and introduce myself. Feel free to find me on Youtube, my account is "TheHuaHauh" and my Xbox Live Gamertag is Tubs McLard. I don't know much about OCG, but I do know that I am somewhat grammatically correct when using speech grammar.

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how do u post cards


Are you asking?

If yes, here I'll show you:

1st= Click a card subject (Realistic cards, Pop Culture Cards, etc.) in the Yugioh Card Maker Forum.

2nd=Write the Post Subject of the card.

3rd= open new tab(or new window) and go to Tinypic.com. in there you can resize the card.

4th= Click choose file.

41/2th = Write your tags. (You don't have to if you don't want to)

5th= Click "Upload Now!" and you'll wait a few seconds. After done, click the "IMG Codes for Forums & Message Boards, and copy the link.

6th= Go back to YCM. Paste the link into your post. To make sure, click preview post before posting the card.

7th= Post the card by clicking "Post Thread" in the bottom.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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